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Hypnosis Services

Each of my hypnosis services will be completely tailored to you, everybody is unique and has their own approaches to their situation, and my work with you will reflect that. I also offer sessions over Skype, for those of you that are outside of my area. Over Skype, I have worked with clients in the USA, Canada, France and Portugal with great results, so distance between us is not a factor!

If you don’t feel comfortable with disclosing your situation, that’s absolutely fine, as we can work ‘content free’, there is no need to relive or repeat any bad situations if you choose not to.

When you come to see me, I'll explain Hypnosis, debunk any of the myths, and answer any questions you have. We then discuss your needs, and create a plan of action. Or if you prefer, you don’t need to disclose any details of your needs, my techniques also work well content free, entirely your choice!

My standalone services are:

  • Creating Peak Performance, bringing out the champion inside of you
  • Give you Unstoppable Fearlessness, for your self esteem, exams and driving tests, or when you just need that Edge
  • Rapid memory improvement
  • Pain management, paticurlarly with pain free tattoos
  • Kinetic Shift, for removing anxieties, trauma, PTSD and bad memories

The more traditional services:

  • Curb that smoking habit
  • Insomnia and redevelop natural sleeping habit
  • Remove your fear of flying

I work in the area of Peak Performance. Musicians, public speakers, actors, athletes, or anyone who justs want to gain that edge where you truly shine and deliver that knockout performance.

Dan Clarke, Zero to Sixty Hypnosis

We did a hypnosis session on New Year's Eve '17, it was emotional and incredibly amazing. I've since come to him 2 other times for hypnotherapy and it's only February 1st! Ive also referred friends to him. He's the real deal, and you can feel so much better if you let him work his magic. He's a blessing to me and I'm thankful he's following his passion. This is definitely his calling. 

Tina Marie

He was calm, understanding and able to do change work with me and make me look at myself in a complete different light.

Angelo Deponeo

Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help again the other day, just came out of my meeting and feeling positive and not had any of that horrible feeling before or after, it's great! Thanks so much, it's helped tons!

Laura Pennington