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What is hypnosis?

Despite what the majority of people believe, people in hypnosis are not actually ‘asleep’, neither are they being manipulated or controlled, quite the opposite in fact, the person are in full control, their senses are working more efficiently, and

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Can anyone be hypnotised

Absolutely! It happens to us all each day, like when we wake up and go to sleep, watch TV, drive for long distances, have you ever been on ‘auto pilot’?! Or perhaps you’ve been ‘In the zone’ while playing sports or performing your skill set?!

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What does Hypnosis feel like?

Clients will expect to feel a pleasant and relaxing experience, just like daydreaming, however passive they may appear, they remain in full control of themselves, can fully talk, and can leave the room if they wish. Anyone hypnotised cannot be made

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Will I do anything that I don’t want to do?

Definitely not, you will always have full control over anything that you say and do. There is no possible chance that you will accept any suggestion that goes against your morals, ethics, and belief.

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Why do you offer free consultations?

Dan invites you for a free consultation before having a session, this is to ensure that hypnosis is suitable for you. This is your chance to ask all the questions you have, which then you can leave fully informed, with no obligation to sign up for

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I work in the area of Peak Performance. Musicians, public speakers, actors, athletes, or anyone who justs want to gain that edge where you truly shine and deliver that knockout performance.

Dan Clarke, Zero to Sixty Hypnosis

We did a hypnosis session on New Year's Eve '17, it was emotional and incredibly amazing. I've since come to him 2 other times for hypnotherapy and it's only February 1st! Ive also referred friends to him. He's the real deal, and you can feel so much better if you let him work his magic. He's a blessing to me and I'm thankful he's following his passion. This is definitely his calling. 

Tina Marie

He was calm, understanding and able to do change work with me and make me look at myself in a complete different light.

Angelo Deponeo

Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help again the other day, just came out of my meeting and feeling positive and not had any of that horrible feeling before or after, it's great! Thanks so much, it's helped tons!

Laura Pennington